Foreclosure & Mortgage Modification

Helping homeowners in distress and defending against foreclosures, enabling modifications and work-outs.

Landlord-Tenant Disputes

Solving the problems of building-owners who have difficulties with their tenants. Representing landlord interests in housing court.

Coops & Condominiums

Problem-solving for shareholders and condo-owners, and helping communicate with coop boards and management.

Commercial Leases

Enabling small business owners to negotiate their lease and get the most from their retail space.
Providing advice and strategy.

Tenants’ Rights

Making certain that you, the renter, are getting the best deal from your landlord, and preventing you from losing your lease.

Title Disputes

Helping the property owner to protect his/her rights. Resolving title and deed related issues. Representing your interests in court.

About Jonathan Cohen, Esq.

1982 - 1991


  • Juris Doctor: Graduate of the University of Washington, Seattle Washington
  • Bachelor of Arts: Long Island University, New York 1986
  • New York State Bar: Since 1999
  • Washington State Bar: Since 1992
1991 - 2017


  • Cable, Langenbach, Henry, Edmunds & Kinerk P.C. Seattle, Washington, 1991 – 1998 General Commercial Litigation practice, emphasis on small business real estate transactions
  • Bank America State Trust Co., Seattle, WA 1998 – 2000
    In-house Counsel
    In-house counsel for Trust Department
    Ensured department followed Glass-Steagall Act bank when trusts engaged in securities transactions
  • Law Offices of David J. Gold New York, NY 2000- 2002 General civil litigation practice with emphasis on commercial litigation
  • Cohen & Slamowitz LLP
    Woodbury, NY 2003 – 2008 Commercial litigation with an emphasis on collection of debtsLaw Office of Jonathan Cohen New York, NY 2008 – Now Litigation practice with emphasis on landlord-tenant disputes, leases and real estate


  • I can help you with your situation in a cost-effective way. When I consult with you, as my client, I listen and understand your situation.  I have many years of practice under my belt; your situation is new to me, but every client situation is resolvable because I have previously dealt with a similar situation.
  • I promise to treat you with respect and with care. I have a good sense of the goals you will attain should you utilize my services.
  • Remember that you often have rights and avenues of resolution that you have not thought of before consulting with me !!




    January 15, 2017
    So at some point when you travel to New York City you may find your circumstances changing,
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Why Choose us?

We help you with your legal situation while keeping your out-of-pocket costs in mind. When we consult with you, we take into consideration the matter at hand, as well as your financial ability to cover legal fees.

Your situation is new to us, but every client situation is resolvable because we have previously dealt with a situation that is similar to yours.

We promise to treat you with respect and care. We work hard to understand your legal goals and work with you diligently to attain them.


I had a problem with my tenant because he stopped paying and complained I wasn't making repairs. J. Cohen was able to evict my tenant within a few months and without a bunch of delays. I recommend him.

Marvin Sopher

I did a closing that involved a short-sale with the bank. This closing was tough because the seller kept trying to back out, but Jon could negotiate and keep the deal going to its close. He also talked to the people at my bank and if there were any delays, the bank knew about it and I kept my financing open. I definitely recommend him.

Anastasio Santiago

John practices utmost professionalism, knowledge, and respect for clients and peers. He has my highest recommendation for all your legal needs.

Richard Batelman

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